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Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Review] 1/100 Sword Calamity Conversion Part 2

After some slicing and dicing, test-fitted onto MG Freedom inner frame.
I found the nubs were kind of large, quite a bit of care needed when cutting them. Fitting was quite good, most parts went onto the frame without much problem, except for a few areas:

- Arm piece might have shrunk during casting, cracked when inserted onto the frame. Insert pla-plates inside the crack to widen it.
- Connecting joints from backpack to the swords too weak. Sliced off pegs and strengthen with brass rod inside.
- Warped swords.

More cleaning up of the surface will be needed before I proceed on to priming. I foresee a sanding and masking nightmare ahead......
Overall, I would rate this kit 7.5/10 for the casting and ease of fitting.
Thanks for looking!

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