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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[WIP] Project Gundam Thrones Part 3

Alright, some updates to this project.
All 3 Thrones had been primed and ready for painting.

Long holiday for Chinese New Year, other than getting red packets ($$$), I thought I should be able to get some paint on this fellow.
Started with Throne Drei, since I think it has the most masking involved...
Sprayed white first, then the brown for the inner frame color, and a red mixture for the main body color.

Still have to correct some errors like paint overspray, paint the yellow parts and some missed areas.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[WIP] Project Gundam Thrones Part 2

Update. Been working on Throne Drei for a couple of days.
Photo of past completed kit. Quite a number of mistakes by the noob-me of the past, overspray paint, did not fill up holes, crooked panel lines...
Past completed Throne Drei
Ok, so similar modifications done to Drei. Crooked panel lines filled up and sanded smooth. Backpack also modded for easy removal for painting.
After proportion mods

After sanding smooth puttied area, strip paint off the kit. Since the kit was painted with acrylic paint, I used window cleaner to strip the paint off. I believe the active ingredient is ammonia, works like a charm with no harm to the bare plastic.
Paint stripping in progress....
Priming to check for errors.. Of course there will be errors, did not expect to pass with one shot of primer.
Need to re-putty and re-sand some parts
Zwei primed as well, some errors spotted
2nd round of primer after correcting.
Still thinking on how to work on Throne Eins cannon...
Thanks for looking!!

[WIP] Project Gundam Thrones Part 1

Hi all!!  A start of a brand new year 2012 calls for a new project.
Back to Gundam 00 season 1, my favourite units were the Gundam Thrones as I find their design quite unique. Same body frame design, but with different armaments and different heads as well.

Some screen-shots from the anime 
Will be putting them in this pose once all completed
You know you're screwed when you see this coming.....
I managed to get snap-fitted Throne Zwei and Throne Eins cheaply off a fellow modeller. I will re-work on the Throne Drei which I had completed a few years back. 

So work began starting with Zwei
Increase neck height
Shoulder joint mod for wider range of movement
Increase thigh height
Widen chest area
Fill up holes with epoxy putty
Quick look after mods, I think it looks much better ya?
Did more filling in other areas. Cleaned up the mods and sanded them smooth, might need a few more rounds of putty in some areas. Did the same mods for Throne Eins
Sanded smooth
Same mods for Throne Eins
Huge seamlines on Throne Eins's back cannon, need to think of a way to remove those seamlines and prep the parts for easy painting...

Thanks for looking!