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Monday, July 21, 2008

1/72 Apache Completed

YES!!! Finally completed it on Sunday, although it look 1 more day than planned lol. Finished everything, right wing + weapons mounted, landing gear mounted, main rotors mounted, painting done, touched up and handpainted some areas, flat top coated the whole model!

Today, i submitted it as an article to ARC, to be shown on 28th July 2008, can't wait!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

1/72 Academy Apache update

More work done today because got more free time. Sprayed paint on the main body, results were ok... Attached canopy to the main body, canopy snapped nicely in although it felt like it almost broke. Also completed and painted the tail rotor with silver and flat black, need some touch-ups with hand painting. Completed the left wing and weapons, also painted as well.

Tomorrow hopefully will be able to finish this model. Quite a lot need to be done
Left to do:
- Right wing + weapons
- Main rotor
- Wheels
- Panel lining (try out poster color method)
- Decals

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1/72 Academy Apache update

Small update on my Academy Apache, completed the engines area.

Also sprayed the canopy with Nippon Pylox 114 Dark Green. Really a pain to mask all the windows then spray the frame. Technique used was to first outline the windows using pencil then paste masking tape over, use new blade to cut along the line. Troublesome but great results. Dipped the whole canopy in Future again after paint has been left dry for about 1 day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

1/72 Academy Apache

Started on my Academy 1/72 Apache. Quite a nice kit, cockpit consists of raised details (perfect for drybrushing although decals were provided). Comes with both raised and recessed panel lines. Recessed panel lines need to be deepened as they are too shallow. Simple color scheme.

Building this kit OOB, will not pay attention to details. Hence, i just sprayed the whole cockpit flat black, drybrushed silver on the instrument panels. Results look great to me.

Next, i assembled the body, surprisingly good fitting so far. After applying cement, not much need for putty except for some careless areas. Dipped canopy in Future, left to dry and cure for 1 day.