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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[WIP] NG 1/100 OO Raiser Part 4

Fixed up problem areas found after round 1 of priming.
Round 2 of priming to recheck. All ok!!

Also primed GN Sword 3 (The only other reason to buy this kit other than the awesome box art).
Small mod to remove parts easily for painting.

Painting of main colors. Going for a clean look, no weathering or shading.
Masked outer parts to paint grey internals.

Painting about 90% done. Left painting of the clear parts.
Unfortunately, some paint got scratched off while assembling, sand down some areas to reduce the contact points so the paint won't get scratched off again, then touch up the scratched areas...

 Now to wait for the decals I ordered to arrive, then can continue with this. Shouldn't be too far from completion!

Friday, July 13, 2012

[WIP] NG 1/100 OO Raiser Part 3

Some more progress on this build.

Comparing the NG 00 Gundam kit with the official art work, there is a part of the lower chest missing from the kit, pointed out with the red line.

Use epoxy putty to mold out the lower chest area.
Get the rough shape out first while the putty still can be kneaded. Putting more is always better than less.

After leaving it overnight to harden, ready to start doing fine adjustment to the shape.
Slice and sand away slowly until achieve desired shape. Prime to check for surface irregularities.

Continue with mods on remaining areas (shoulder and waist)
Sawed away the small protuding area connecting the shoulder to the body. Shortened by about 1mm.
Left with a huge hole which was covered with pla-plate and hole drilled so still able to connect to shoulder joint.

Extended the waist more with epopxy putty to cover up the internal support for the waist joint, slice and sand to shape once putty hardened.

Filling up of other holes...

Comparison before mods and after all the mods again

Off to the paintshop to do some priming to check for errors. Had not touched the airbrush for quite sometime already, so might be a little rusty in airbrushing. 
Parts primed using Mr Primer 1000 thinned to about 1:2 paint thinner ratio. Sprayed on quite nicely.
Already spotted some errors in certain parts. Seamlines on shoulder and fore-arm still visible, need to re-fill them again. Some deep scratches due to filing of the nubs and some surface still uneven.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

[WIP] NG 1/100 OO Raiser Part 2

Some more work done....
Puttied the modded areas and left them overnight for the putty to harden.
Epoxy putty used to further add support to the waist part extension, and fill up the holes under the feet.
The red putty is somewhat similar to any other putty, except that it dries faster and much finer. (So fine that it clogged up my sandpaper...)

After much sanding and a little more filling.
I feel the waist area still looks a little short, will extend it further to cover up the internal support part.

Continued with build. Shortened the GN drives connectors by sawing away the thicker end, removed about 4mm. I felt the original one was a little too long, adding on the raiser pack will make the whole gundam look too 'wide'. Some online references also did the same thing, so just follow.

Dry-fit to check proportions again. Sharpened V-fins and the fin on the upper chest, might require a little more sharpening.

Fixed up the O-Raiser, dry fit again.
The mods improved the proportions alot, look like MG now ya?
Thanks for looking! Comments and Critiques welcomed!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

[WIP] NG 1/100 OO Raiser Part 1

Haven't really been building much for quite sometime. Recently obtained this kit and started on it.

Why get the Non-Grade version when I have the Master Grade version? Personal preference I guess...
Although the MG version is alot more detailed, the NG version with some mods and tender loving care can be built into a nice kit as well. I'll get to the MG version eventually (after I clear my ever-growing WIPs)
Besides, who could resist such an awesome boxart?!?!?!

Start of with main kit first, leaving the raiser till later. Circled area indicates the areas that require improvements.
Neck, shoulder, waist, upper leg, feet and GN drives connector. Most area just require some extension to improve the proportions.

Major problem with this kit is that the waist and hip are joined as 1 part, making rotation of the waist impossible, limiting the poses that can be done.
Solution is to seperate into individual waist and hip parts. Saw the part along the red line to seperate.
Added ball joint to improve waist articulation further. Support the ball joint with pla-plates filled the huge hole with epoxy putty. Added an additional support to secure the ball joint.

Drilled hole in waist area. Found a polycap that is same size as the hole and able to fit the ball joint.
Sliced off the bottom of the red waist parts, reconstructed with pla-plates.

Thigh joint extended by 1.2mm pla-plate. Knee joint also extended by 2.4mm, secured further with a metal rod inside.

Dry fitting to check overall proportions after these modifications, looking alot better ya?
Alot of clean up still required for most of the moded parts, especially puttying all the gaps....
 Thanks for looking!!