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Friday, July 13, 2012

[WIP] NG 1/100 OO Raiser Part 3

Some more progress on this build.

Comparing the NG 00 Gundam kit with the official art work, there is a part of the lower chest missing from the kit, pointed out with the red line.

Use epoxy putty to mold out the lower chest area.
Get the rough shape out first while the putty still can be kneaded. Putting more is always better than less.

After leaving it overnight to harden, ready to start doing fine adjustment to the shape.
Slice and sand away slowly until achieve desired shape. Prime to check for surface irregularities.

Continue with mods on remaining areas (shoulder and waist)
Sawed away the small protuding area connecting the shoulder to the body. Shortened by about 1mm.
Left with a huge hole which was covered with pla-plate and hole drilled so still able to connect to shoulder joint.

Extended the waist more with epopxy putty to cover up the internal support for the waist joint, slice and sand to shape once putty hardened.

Filling up of other holes...

Comparison before mods and after all the mods again

Off to the paintshop to do some priming to check for errors. Had not touched the airbrush for quite sometime already, so might be a little rusty in airbrushing. 
Parts primed using Mr Primer 1000 thinned to about 1:2 paint thinner ratio. Sprayed on quite nicely.
Already spotted some errors in certain parts. Seamlines on shoulder and fore-arm still visible, need to re-fill them again. Some deep scratches due to filing of the nubs and some surface still uneven.

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