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Sunday, December 22, 2013

[WIP/Review] MsB 00 Raiser Part 2

 Short review of the 00 Raiser conversion kit.

Managed to get the recast from UC. Item was packaged in a shiny box.
Some foam sheets inside for protection.

Package content:
- 1 packets of parts
- 1 instruction manual (color photocopied)
- 1 water slide decal sheet
- 1 set of detail-up parts
Total parts count: 76

Soaked the parts in some soap solution with some scrubbing done to remove grease on the parts.
Left overnight to dry.

I started work on the kit the next day. Fitting was generally good, don't need any major surgery, just some trimming of the connector pieces.
Torso area was lengthened, some parts of the inner frame was replaced with the resin parts. Additional panel lines and details.

GN drives bulked up compared to the original plastic piece. The original part consists of just 1 blue part, which was switched out for 6 resin pieces for each GN drive. New GN drive looks more bulky now and kind of resembles the design from PG 00.

Arms and shoulder parts also replaced. Resin hands smaller than the plastic hands, but will not be able to hold the weapon.

The last part is the leg section. Almost all of the external plastic parts were replaced. New leg is slightly lengthened and have more details.

Assembled all the sections together. Overall proportions looks better, probably due to the lengthened waist and leg parts, and the bulked up GN drives also does complement the whole thing quite nicely.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

HGAC Wing Gundam

After such a long time of not building any kits (due to laziness, quite a few primed kits piling up...), went for a quick build to restart engine. (Now I'm burnt out after this build lol)
Kit is HGAC Wing Gundam I bought from a recent HK trip (@ S$16!). Simple and straightforward build, not much seamlines to clear other than the huge one on the rifle.
OOB build, no modifications done.

Paints used:
Blue - Cobalt Blue + White + Fluorescent Pink
White - Off White + Cobalt Blue + GX White
Yellow - Orange Yellow
Red - Red Madder
Grey - Black + White + Neutral Grey
Metallic Green - Clear Green over Chrome Silver base

And some WIP snapshot of the build.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 17, 2013

[WIP] MsB 00 Raiser Part 1

Not much going on lately, so I thought I would just post up something I've been working on lately (or rather have been lying on my table for the past few months).

Should be an OOB build with shading, nothing too fancy, unless I decide to get the resin conversion kit for this (not sure yet).

So far, managed to finish priming the kit. Not sure when next update will be, so stay tuned!

Long overdue work here (since June 2013 :P), primed kit had been on my desk ever since and I just kept playing with the poses.

Decided to just go for the resin conversion kit from MS-Build. Just replacing the outer parts with resin pieces, slightly more details and "angled", especially at the GN drives holder.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

HGUC Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode

Done with this quick paint build!
Went for a dual tone color scheme, nothing too complicated other than the masking.
Mods done include neck extension, improvement to legs articulation, and replace thrusters with metal thrusters.
Paints used:
White - Off White + Blue
Brownish White - Off White + Mahogany
Grey - Black + White + Neutral Grey
Dark Blue - Cobalt Blue + Mixed Dark Gray
Silver - Starbright Duralumin

Thanks for looking!!!