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Monday, June 17, 2013

[WIP] MsB 00 Raiser Part 1

Not much going on lately, so I thought I would just post up something I've been working on lately (or rather have been lying on my table for the past few months).

Should be an OOB build with shading, nothing too fancy, unless I decide to get the resin conversion kit for this (not sure yet).

So far, managed to finish priming the kit. Not sure when next update will be, so stay tuned!

Long overdue work here (since June 2013 :P), primed kit had been on my desk ever since and I just kept playing with the poses.

Decided to just go for the resin conversion kit from MS-Build. Just replacing the outer parts with resin pieces, slightly more details and "angled", especially at the GN drives holder.

Thanks for looking!

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