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Monday, March 30, 2009

VF-103 Complete!

Hi guys! Managed to squeeze out time to finish off this kit a few days ago when I had some free time. Same 1/72 Academy kit built OOB, used aftermarket decals for VF-103 instead of kit decals. Gotta love those Twobobs decals. Canopy wasn't glued on when pictures were taken, so some pics might show some misalignment

So, here goes!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Bug!!

Hi guys!!! The F-14 build is on hold for quite some time while waiting for the decals. So... to prevent my mind from blowing from all that awesomeness of those Tomcats, I started working on my Tamiya F-18E Super Hornet.

A re-box of the Italeri kit, bad fitting almost everywhere, especially the intakes, solution: intake covers!!! Same as always, a OOB build using kit decals.

Pretty satisfied with the final product, although the kit was full of inaccuracies, it still looks like a Super Hornet.