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Monday, June 23, 2014

MG Epyon Gundam

China Daban MG Epyon kit, surface of plastic not as good as the original Bandai. Some minor mods to the kit: neck extension, added some pla plates, modded fingers into claws.
Went for the original color scheme with shading.

Paints used:
Inner frame - Steel
Red - GX Red
Grey - Lavender + Grey
Dark Blue - Cobalt Blue + Mixed Dark Gray
Yellow - Orange Yellow
Silver - Starbright Duralumin

Thanks for looking!

[WIP] MG Epyon Part 5

Final update for this project.
Got down to panel lining, decaling and finishing off with a flat coat. Whoever thought Eypon had so many decals......

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

[WIP] MG Epyon Part 4

Finished painting the kit. Left to decal, panel line and flat coat.

Waist section. Shading not so visible on the dark blue parts as the color is too similar to the black undercoat. Probably will be more obvious after the final flat coat.
Some photos of the shading process. Tedious but rewarding to see the effect. Black primer to act as the base coat, then spray red paint in the middle of the panels using a small spray size.

Managed to mix the purplish grey tone for the thighs and the back of the hands. Totally satisfied with this tone. 

Dry fit to see overall effect. Shading still visible. XD
 Thanks for looking!

[WIP] MG Epyon Part 3

Most of the painting done over this period.
 I went for a metallic scheme for the inner frame. I was actually thinking of using Gaia Starbright iron for the inner frame, but since I was too lazy to go out, I made do with what I had currently.
Color test on pla-plate with black primer underneath. Left is Mr Hobby Steel and the other is Mr Hobby Burnt Iron. Seemed like burnt iron comes out a little rough despite being thinned more, so I went for the steel color.

Mixed some paint for the main reddish color, but it came out too purplish. Repainted the head with a more pure red paint.
Thanks for looking!