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Monday, June 2, 2014

[Review] 1/35 Nu Head

Purchased this kit for a 1/35 Nu head build with 2 other modellers.
A quick unboxing review of the contents.

Kit is re-casted by Super-G. Standard packaging from Super-G and casted in cream color resin.
Contents include:
- Resin parts with separate pack for the delicate v-fin
- Reference photo of the completed kit
- Acrylic base
- Water slide and metal decals
- LED and battery pack

All parts laid out and accounted for. A total of 40 parts including 3 transparent parts. V-fin came with a cardboard backing for support.
Surface is relatively smooth, hands felt a little greasy after handling the parts. Grease on the parts needs to be removed during the washing stage.

Details are quite alright, some parts are crisp, while there are some with uneven surfaces.
Some close up photos of the resin details.

Some pictures of the completed kit by other modellers from the internet, or rather pictures that made me buy this kit <.<

Thanks for looking!!!

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