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Sunday, May 4, 2014

SMS Groupbuild Gathering @ Orbe Station

The most recent SMS (SiMi-Sai) Groupbuild organised by SG Gunpla Society was held at Orbe Station on 1st May 2014. The theme was the group was any robots, no restriction on genre, kit, scale or brand as long as it's a robot.

Attendance was amazing, more than 20 people turned up until it made the venue seemed a little crammed. It was a good opportunity for forum members to meet each other, get to know the face behind the forum nick. It's not everyday that you get to talk to a whole bunch of people with similar interests. All the passion overflowing.

Here are some pictures that I took during the gathering. Did not manage to take pictures of every single kits there and I missed out some of the participants names too, my apologies to them :)

Resin MsB Freedom Gundam done by Chris (AmuroRay). The lighter grey goes really well with the white parts, unlike the one I did where the grey was too dark. Lots of detail mods, such as pla plates on the shield, metal parts for the backpack cannons, and metal mesh for some internals.

 RG Zeta done by Vendy (Vickon). Perfect finishing, a mixture of gloss and flat coat, not to mention the scratchbuild mega launcher with those details. A pity it cannot transform due to a broken part. But leaving it in waverider mode isn't that bad either.

These 2 small kits aren't SD size, they're from the gundam converge series (even smaller than SD). Done by Jonathan (Landel). From the 2nd picture on top, you can have a gauge on how small they are. A total rework on the kit, painting, detailing and even adding LED. On the Nu gundam, there are those tiny green areas which actually glow under UV lighting.

Custom painted Blade Liger and a modded Bearguy into Iron Bearguy. I really like the color transition some of the gold parts, changing from gold to orange-red, not easy to achieve such a smooth transition. I heard Kotobukiya's Zoid kits are littered with seamlines, completing it is certainly a huge achievement.

HG 1/100 Heavyarms Custom with a custom color scheme and shading done by plar10. The main attraction of this kit.... is the barrels of the gattling guns, just look at the pictures, no explanation is needed.

A team of HG Sinanju in different color schemes. The title of this set is called "Power Rangers Sinanju" if I recall correctly. I think all sorts of color schemes have already been done by people all over the world, but it is still quite interesting how good it looks!

RG GP01FB by Silver. Custom color scheme, metal parts, shading all done in such scale. Cannon was modded from the original beam rifle. Oh and did I mention it's done by spray can, not airbrush?

MG Full Armour ZZ done by (Ultimatron). A rather old kit, real challenge to pull it off.
MG Shin Musha by Chris (xxauroraxx). Love the candy color on the Shin Musha.

Trio of kits by (mostly unconnected). Also done with spray can, excellent weathering on the kits!

2 Kampfer from Orbe Station. Metallic paint with fluorescent coat over, glows under UV lighting.

MG Duel Assault Shroud and MG Nu ver ka by Melvin (thegamer). The custom mixed purplish-cobalt bluish paint make the kit stand out. As for the MG Nu, it was just completed the morning before the gathering.

And last but not least, my MsB 00 Gundam which I brought down for this event. Did a flat topcoat over the previous semi gloss.

Thanks for looking! Hope to have more of these events in future, good for this rare hobby.

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