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Sunday, April 6, 2014

[WIP] MG Epyon Part 2

On towards the priming stage, primed section by section starting with the head and torso, lastly the 2 huge wings on the back.

Snap fitted the kit along after priming to check whether there will be excess contact between parts causing scratches. Better to get scratched now than after painting.

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

[WIP] MG Epyon Part 1

The start of another kit!! I had already finished snap fitting it quite sometime ago and left it back in the box. Will be doing some minor mods to improve overall look, saw some mods online and will attempt to copy them.
STARCRAFT 2 in the background!!!
Kit is China copy of MG Epyon, so surface is not as smooth as the original, see what I can do with this kit.
From this picture, you can see the head is sitting quite low. Image from

Here goes the neck extension. Neck joint sawed into 2, stacked pla-plates in between and re-attached the sawed off joint. Head now able to bend down more, appearance more menacing.

And a mod that I saw online that I really liked, hands into CLAWS!
I used epoxy putty to lengthen the fingers, shape them roughly into the shape that you want, leave it to harden then slowly reshape it as desire.
Took me a few rounds of slicing and sanding to get it to my wanted shape.

Chin extended as well, also using epoxy putty.

Some simple pla-plating on various parts of the kit. And clearing the ridiculous amount of seamlines on the whip.

Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

MsB 00 Raiser

I am done with this kit, took me almost too long to finish it. Started as a OOB build, then primed, then went back and decided to get the resin, then prep work and prime again, then painting and so on.... Quite a number of hiccups on the way but I'm glad I finished it.

Kit is MG 00 Raiser + MS-Build resin conversion recasted by Utopia Cast.
Probably not going to attempt another MG 00 or it's variants cause it just has so many parts...but great design on the kit itself!

Not much action poses caused I'm afraid of the paint scratching or chipping off.
Thanks for looking anyway!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

[WIP] MsB 00 Raiser Part 4

Some updates, managed to get most of the painting done. Also finished masking as well for the white areas, opted to go for the slight brownish color (leftover color as the HG Unicorn I did some time back).

Fortunately, the masking tape did not lift any paint, thanks to all the surface cleaning I did. 

Gloss coat sprayed down before panel lines and decals. Panel lines done using Tamiya Accent black and cleaned using lighter fluid. Used some 3rd party decals which fell apart in water, had to re-use warning decals from another decal sheet.

Thanks for looking!