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Sunday, November 15, 2015

HGCE Perfect Strike Gundam

Completed post for this build. An entry for GBWC Singapore 2015.
Kit consisted of the main ms from HGCE Aile Strike kit and the weapons attachment from HG Perfect Strike kits. Unfortunately, I had to use acrylic cubes to support to back as the kit was so back heavy that it will topple backwards if no action base was used.
Modifications done includes scribing of panel lines and pla-plating.
Took this opportunity to do some detailing with metal parts and hand painting.

Thanks for looking!!!

[WIP] HG Perfect Strike Gundam Part 5

Kit assembled after panel lining, decals and top coat.

And not forgetting the base. Base used is a mirror acrylic, specs for the perfect strike laser engraved at the back of the acrylic with the help of a friend.

Thanks for looking!!!

[WIP] HG Perfect Strike Gundam Part 4

Off to the paint shop!!!
I decided to go for original color scheme (as always). Mixing of paints to get the correct shade of colors I want.

Masking of the energy pack was the most time consuming due to all the edges, some minor bleeds but it can be touched up easily. Paint the white part first, then mask for painting of the dark grey parts as grey goes on easier onto white than white on grey.

Also tried to paint some details with hand painting. Not the best out there but ok for my standard.
Copper paint for the finger joints. Silver for the head vulcans and the thrusters under the feet.

Metal detail parts added behind the aile pack thrusters although they won't be really visible after being covered up. Added little fluorescent red stripes around the kit.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

[WIP] HG Perfect Strike Gundam Part 3

Detailing continues at the aile pack, launcher and sword attachments.
Rough snapfit to see how everything goes together.

Starting with the aile pack. Rescribing of the seamline into a panel line which allows easy separation of parts for painting. Also did some pla-plating on the surface. 
Scribing of new panel lines according to the RG design.

Same treatment given to the launcher parts.

The sword attachment on the shoulder is quite tricky as it is made from just 2 pieces and the seamline run right in the middle, meaning that once you cement it, it can't be removed in future.
At first, I sawed off the "triangular" part and though of attaching it back using either a pin or a magnet. But then I figured out that this part can be made easily from some pla plates.

Lastly, the energy pack at the back. Stuck some pla plates together. Quite happy with the outcome.
And, primed to check overall appearance and for errors.

Thanks for looking!!!