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Thursday, November 12, 2015

[WIP] HG Perfect Strike Gundam Part 1

An initial build to try out new techniques, turned out to be my entry for GBWC Singapore 2015.
Doing a Perfect Strike Gundam using the base kit from HGCE Aile Strike with the weapons attachment from HG Perfect Strike Gundam.

The HG Perfect Strike used the old mold of HG Strike Gundam, proportions was way off and there weren't much color separation for the parts, although it was the only kit that provides the sword, launcher and the energy pack.
HGCE Aile Strike came with a new mold, better proportions, better posability, and great color separation for the parts, looking more sleek than its stubby counterpart.

Beginning with the base aile strike kit, it was a relatively straightforward snapfit, nothing too complicated for this scale. Ball joints at the waist and shoulders allowed more articulation.

Thanks for looking!!

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