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Monday, December 8, 2014

HG Astray Gold Frame Amatsu

All done for this kit for an astray group build. Basic OOB build with standard paint scheme.
Unique kit due to the design, quite different from the standard gundam look.

Thanks for looking!!!

[WIP] HG Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Part 2

Painting stage completed! A before and after shot.

Priming done over all parts including the gloss black parts. Gold parts primed with black primer for gold paint.

Painting of the metallic parts. I decided to go for 2 types of gold using bright gold and starbright gold. Some steel paint on selected areas. As the gold was airbrushed over black primer which was a flat finish, the gold was not as bright compared to spraying over a gloss black base.

Painting the other colors was relatively straightforward. Red and black. Red painted first, mask over then black painted.

Gave a very subtle wash, and seal every thing with topcoat. Gloss over metallic parts and flat over the other colors.

[WIP] HG Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Part 1

New build for an astray groupbuild. Probably gonna do a straight up oob build with some minor modifications and some color tone changes.

Initial snap-fitting. The black parts straight from the box are super glossy, but I should priming over it and repainting it (still unsure of gloss or flat finish).

Clearing of seamlines and prepping some parts for easy assembly after painting.