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Sunday, March 25, 2012

MG Deathscythe EW

Now I just realised I had forgotten to post the completed MG Deathscythe EW here. Had posted in some forums but not updated here yet lol...

This kit was intended as some sort of test kit to test out some airbrush techniques, came out quite nicely indeed! Some minor mods done which are extension of neck and waist, with scribed panel lines and pla-plates at certain areas. Paints used had some grey mixed to achieve the pale color tone. Shading not too obvious, but just to my liking.

Thanks for looking! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Review] 1/100 VP Strike Freedom Conversion

My most recent loot, another resin kit.
Vicious Project Strike Freedom Gundam recasted by Super-G. Actually I have another 2 similar resin kit in my stash recasted by different companies (YM Studio and SMS). I will be attempting the Super-G recast first before doing the others.

First up, box cover. Obvious error there already... For some reason, they decided to be funny and name it Strike Noir Gundam!?!?!? Well at least they got the name correct on the picture on the side of the box...

Opened box, parts wrapped in plastic and divided into sections. No specific order though.
 1 set of badly photo-copied instruction manual, 1 small sheet of water decals, and 2 photos of poor quality (wrong name =_='').
Oh, something different about this kit is that it requires some cutting up of the base kit (MG Strike Freedom) so the resin pieces can fit onto it. The manual doesn't show these areas clearly as it is poorly printed, clear scans of it can be found on the interent..

Parts removed from plastic, laid out for accounting. Alot of parts indeed!
Picture below shows parts of the original SF being replaced by resin parts. Almost everything is being replaced by resin parts except for the dragoon pack. I believe some pinning might be required...
Some nubs on some parts already removed before picture was taken :)
Quality of casting is good, not the best but able to work with. Similar to Super-G's other products which I bought, 1 thing I don't like is the nub. Huge nubs and some are located at areas which make it hard to remove.
Super big nubs on the feet pieces, casting defect on the right most foot
Overall, I would rate this a 7/10 for the wrongly named box and photos, poorly printed instruction manual, and the nub problem. Otherwise, details on the parts are all captured quite nicely.  I didn't find any warped parts yet. Unlike previous resin conversion which I had done (NG Strike Freedom, VP Infinite Justice, NG Sword Calamity which all just require to slap the resin parts onto the inner frame), this one requires some cutting up of the inner frame, more skill needed I guess.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[WIP] MG Deathscythe EW Part 3

Made a trip to the hobby store for a re-sup. Got myself some more black paint and 1 bottle of Gaia Bright Gold!

Completed painting. The dark grey areas are painted with a mixture of black, white and fluorescent pink. Added some grey to the yellow and red so that it kind of matches the tone of the dark grey parts.
Painted black base coat, then paint inside with dark grey mixture. Shading effect quite subtle, not that obvious.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Gundam Thrones --- Completed

Finished with this project!
Decals arrived a few days ago, spent some time decaling all 3 together. Nothing too fancy (like a nascar race car), just the model number on the shoulder and some warning/cautions decals. Panel Lined with Tamiya Panel Line Accent and clear coated with Gaia Flat Clear.

Minor mods done to all 3 Thrones to improve proportion, neck/thigh extension and widen chest.
Shoulder joint mod on Zwei to improve shoulder range of movement, didn't do it for the other 2 Thrones since too time consuming and results weren't too significant.
Waist for Drei and Eins replaced with ball joint. Mod successful for Eins, waist articulation increase. Failed horribly for Drei due to the weight of the backpack... Waist for Zwei left alone. Lesson learnt to plan way ahead first

Group Shot!!!

Individual shots.
First up --- Throne Drei

Next --- Throne Zwei

Lastly --- Throne Eins

Thanks for looking!! Comments and Critiques welcomed!

Friday, March 2, 2012

[WIP] MG Deathscythe EW Part 2

Off to the paint shop! 
Kit primed with Mr Primer 1000. Encountered lots of problems, splattering of primer out of the nozzle, primer not spraying well. At first I thought maybe the primer wasn't thinned enough, so I added more thinner but same thing happened. Turned out it was the nozzle problem... Replaced it and everything worked nicely :)

Gave the primer a few days to cure, then continue painting starting with the inner frame color, then the white parts with some subtle shading (can't see well in the pics).

Meanwhile, decals for the Gundam Throne finally arrived, time to get them out of the shelf for decaling..