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Sunday, March 11, 2012

[Review] 1/100 VP Strike Freedom Conversion

My most recent loot, another resin kit.
Vicious Project Strike Freedom Gundam recasted by Super-G. Actually I have another 2 similar resin kit in my stash recasted by different companies (YM Studio and SMS). I will be attempting the Super-G recast first before doing the others.

First up, box cover. Obvious error there already... For some reason, they decided to be funny and name it Strike Noir Gundam!?!?!? Well at least they got the name correct on the picture on the side of the box...

Opened box, parts wrapped in plastic and divided into sections. No specific order though.
 1 set of badly photo-copied instruction manual, 1 small sheet of water decals, and 2 photos of poor quality (wrong name =_='').
Oh, something different about this kit is that it requires some cutting up of the base kit (MG Strike Freedom) so the resin pieces can fit onto it. The manual doesn't show these areas clearly as it is poorly printed, clear scans of it can be found on the interent..

Parts removed from plastic, laid out for accounting. Alot of parts indeed!
Picture below shows parts of the original SF being replaced by resin parts. Almost everything is being replaced by resin parts except for the dragoon pack. I believe some pinning might be required...
Some nubs on some parts already removed before picture was taken :)
Quality of casting is good, not the best but able to work with. Similar to Super-G's other products which I bought, 1 thing I don't like is the nub. Huge nubs and some are located at areas which make it hard to remove.
Super big nubs on the feet pieces, casting defect on the right most foot
Overall, I would rate this a 7/10 for the wrongly named box and photos, poorly printed instruction manual, and the nub problem. Otherwise, details on the parts are all captured quite nicely.  I didn't find any warped parts yet. Unlike previous resin conversion which I had done (NG Strike Freedom, VP Infinite Justice, NG Sword Calamity which all just require to slap the resin parts onto the inner frame), this one requires some cutting up of the inner frame, more skill needed I guess.

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