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Thursday, December 30, 2010

NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork

This kit is now completed!!!! Working on it on and off since September, managed to finish it before 2011. It was my first time touching resin, learnt quite a bit of new stuff. If you notice, I used the original backpack which connects the dragoon wings, instead of the conversion resin piece.

Also had quite a number of screw ups especially in the paint job, no idea why the primer flaked off in some areas. Color for panel lines too dark, will use a lighter gray for my next build. I only used minimal decals, did not want a decal cluttered Gundam.

On to the pics!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Final Update

Last update for this kit, just completed panel lining and touching up of paint job.
The face took me awhile to paint due to the constricted areas.
Anyway, what's left to do are decaling and a final flat coat.

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Part 4

Almost done with this kit. Metallic red achieved by spraying clear red over gold base.
What's left is to touch up some chipped area, then tackle the head, and a final flat coat. Still contemplating whether to put decals....

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Part 3

Started on painting the main colors, masking on the front skirt for the gold internals. Gaia Starbright Gold painted on the internal frame . White paint is a mixture of white with a few drops of blue.

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Part 2

Finally dry-fitted most of the parts

Sunday, September 19, 2010

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Part 1

Hi guys, haven't built anything for quite a while, I decided to attempt something new to me: my first resin kit (or rather a resin conversion kit)

Kit is Neograde Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork recasted by Super-G

Quality of casting looks quite good, the only thing is that some nubs are located at undesirable places.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Academy 1/72 F-16C 8th FW, Kunsan AB

Done up with this new kit from Academy with Cartograf decals

some close up pictures....