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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Part 3

Started on painting the main colors, masking on the front skirt for the gold internals. Gaia Starbright Gold painted on the internal frame . White paint is a mixture of white with a few drops of blue.

Some more update... Finished up the dragoon pack, dragoons and other blue parts painted with mixture of cobalt blue, blue and white.

One of the red vents on the dragoon pack got lost somewhere, so I had to cast one more using epoxy putty and Daiso rubber mold.


  1. I use starbright gold Gaia and it's not really gold, more like orange...

    what do you use as primer before gold? I've heard to use black gloss beforehand, is that true?

  2. Yea, the gold I used is also Gaia Starbright gold painted over gloss black, you have to stir the paint in bottle for quite awhile because all the gold pigment are at the bottom.