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Thursday, December 30, 2010

NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork

This kit is now completed!!!! Working on it on and off since September, managed to finish it before 2011. It was my first time touching resin, learnt quite a bit of new stuff. If you notice, I used the original backpack which connects the dragoon wings, instead of the conversion resin piece.

Also had quite a number of screw ups especially in the paint job, no idea why the primer flaked off in some areas. Color for panel lines too dark, will use a lighter gray for my next build. I only used minimal decals, did not want a decal cluttered Gundam.

On to the pics!

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. wooaa you actually could manage to mask all the parts, I hope to be able to do this too, because it's hard for me to do the masking parts.

  2. Hey, yea the masking part is quite tedious, especially for the front and back skirt pieces.