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Friday, March 29, 2013

[WIP] 1/100 VP Strike Freedom Part 3

Accumulated enough progress to compile into an update!!
1st round of priming completed. Most parts are ready for painting but there are still some which require additional filling and sanding.

The other most frustrating part of MG Strike Freedom kit other than the seamlines, separation of parts to allow easy painting and assembly.
Many different methods available online, here's how I separated them.

Priming from bottom up, feet first. Ankle extension.

And... the rest of the it...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

[WIP] 1/100 VP Strike Freedom Part 2

Restarted on this project when I started on it end of 2012. Been sitting on my table for almost 3 full months while I worked on other kits. Time to give it the attention it needs :D

Start of with the most dreaded part of MG Strike Freedom kit... long and deep seamlines, and not to mention a whole load of them.

Took about a week of sanding and filling to achieve satisfactory results after priming.
But there's still some minor irregularities that require touchup.

The dragoon holders each have a small resin part attached to it, secured with pin and superglue.

Friday, March 8, 2013

MsB Freedom Gundam

Took me almost 6 mths to complete this kit since I started on it in Oct 2012, mainly because I was too lazy...
This time, I did not encounter much problems with the paint being lifted off by the masking tape :D
But I failed horribly at the darker grey tone which came out a whole lot darker than expected. Nevertheless, it still looks quite ok... at least to me.

Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques welcomed!

[WIP] MsB Freedom Gundam Part 3

Final stretch on this long overdue kit...
Done up decals and gave it a nice flat coat to seal everything in.