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Sunday, September 19, 2010

[WIP] NG Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork Part 1

Hi guys, haven't built anything for quite a while, I decided to attempt something new to me: my first resin kit (or rather a resin conversion kit)

Kit is Neograde Strike Freedom ver. Patchwork recasted by Super-G

Quality of casting looks quite good, the only thing is that some nubs are located at undesirable places.

Packaging of parts:

Laying out the parts, total parts count - 55

First thing to do is to dry fit the parts onto the inner frame of the Strike Freedom kit.


When dealing with resin kits, one of the problems faced is broken parts like this:

As the broken surface is quite small and shallow, I don't think using a brass rod will work, so I used superglue mixed with powder to attached the broken ball joint back with additional strengthening at the back, works like a charm.

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