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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Gundam Thrones --- Completed

Finished with this project!
Decals arrived a few days ago, spent some time decaling all 3 together. Nothing too fancy (like a nascar race car), just the model number on the shoulder and some warning/cautions decals. Panel Lined with Tamiya Panel Line Accent and clear coated with Gaia Flat Clear.

Minor mods done to all 3 Thrones to improve proportion, neck/thigh extension and widen chest.
Shoulder joint mod on Zwei to improve shoulder range of movement, didn't do it for the other 2 Thrones since too time consuming and results weren't too significant.
Waist for Drei and Eins replaced with ball joint. Mod successful for Eins, waist articulation increase. Failed horribly for Drei due to the weight of the backpack... Waist for Zwei left alone. Lesson learnt to plan way ahead first

Group Shot!!!

Individual shots.
First up --- Throne Drei

Next --- Throne Zwei

Lastly --- Throne Eins

Thanks for looking!! Comments and Critiques welcomed!

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