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Saturday, July 7, 2012

[WIP] NG 1/100 OO Raiser Part 2

Some more work done....
Puttied the modded areas and left them overnight for the putty to harden.
Epoxy putty used to further add support to the waist part extension, and fill up the holes under the feet.
The red putty is somewhat similar to any other putty, except that it dries faster and much finer. (So fine that it clogged up my sandpaper...)

After much sanding and a little more filling.
I feel the waist area still looks a little short, will extend it further to cover up the internal support part.

Continued with build. Shortened the GN drives connectors by sawing away the thicker end, removed about 4mm. I felt the original one was a little too long, adding on the raiser pack will make the whole gundam look too 'wide'. Some online references also did the same thing, so just follow.

Dry-fit to check proportions again. Sharpened V-fins and the fin on the upper chest, might require a little more sharpening.

Fixed up the O-Raiser, dry fit again.
The mods improved the proportions alot, look like MG now ya?
Thanks for looking! Comments and Critiques welcomed!!!

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