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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hong Kong Trip

Just returned from holiday in Hong Kong. The hotel I was staying was right smack next to Mongkok where u can find most hobby shops and airsoft shops. Not a good piece of news for my wallet though...

My main motive for my trip there was get resin kits. Can't leave empty handed right? Gundam kits are insanely cheap as well.

Taking 1 SGD = 6.45079 HKD (from
MG Strike Freedom - HKD338 - SGD52.40
MG 00 Raiser - HKD438 - SGD67.90
HG God Gundam - HKD100 - SGD15.50

Resin kits:

FSS 1/100 Bang Doll
FSS 1/100 Luminous Mirage with Buster Launcher
FSS 1/100 Schpertor K.O.G.
Neograde 1/100 Sword Calamity Conversion (Super-G recast)
Neograde 1/100 Strike Gundam Evo 8 Conversion (Super-G recast)
Vicious Project 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam Conversion (SMS recast)
Non-scale Omegamon-X (YM Studio recast)

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