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Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Review] 1/100 Sword Calamity Conversion Part 1

Here's a short open box review on the Neograde Sword Calamity Conversion kit recasted by Super-G. Bought it from Hong Kong during my trip there. This conversion kit uses MG Freedom as the base kit.

Boxing looks nice and sturdy, photos on the top and side weren't of the best quality, but it's the contents inside that matters.

Some background info about this Gundam. This conversion kit portrays the 2nd unit out of 3 units of Sword Calamity Gundams built. Piloted by Edward Harrelson of the Earth Alliance, which donned his markings of a rose and two swords that make a X on top of the rose on the left shoulder.

Opened box, contents consist of the instruction manual printed on 2 pieces of A4 paper, 2 photos of the finished kit (quality of both photos wasn't that good as well), and 1 really small sheet of water-slide decal of stencils.

Packaging of parts similar to Super-G's other products, packed in plastic bag with partitions. V-fins were supported by a cardboard to prevent from breakage.
Laid out the parts for accounting. Casting looks good for most pieces, no air bubbles observed. However, there was some warped parts and flashes as well. Quite alot of them had some gloss shiny patches on the surface, mould release agent perhaps?
Total parts count: 88 (man, that's alot of parts!)

Some close-up shots of the details and quality of casting.

Rose marking of Edward Harrelson
Chest vents
Side Skirts nice and sharp
Backpack nicely done
I really like the nice casting of the chest cannon
Details on the underside of the feet

And..... not everything looked that good. Some parts have surface defects, casting irregularities, and even warp-age.

Flashes in the vents, need to be real careful when removing it
Warp-age of the knives
Casting defects on both arms
Warp-age of the 2 anti-ship swords
More casting defects here

Surface defects can be solved easily with some putty and sanding. The tricky part is to straighten the warped parts. I heard softening the resin under boiling water, straighten it and dump it into ice will do the trick..

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the casting. For the price I paid for it, I would say it was a pretty good deal.  Fitting is yet another issue all together, although I will not be starting on this in the near future.

Thanks for looking! Hope this review will help some decide whether to get this or not.

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