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Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Review] 1/100 Infinite Justice Conversion

Here's a short review on Super-G recast VP Infinite Justice conversion. A MG Infinite Justice is required for the inner frame and flight pack. This conversion kit mainly concentrates on replacing the armour part pieces, not much changes to the flight pack except for the top 2 cannons.

Usual boxing from Super-G with a lousy out of focus photo pasted on the top.
Contents consist of:
- Plastic bag of parts, divided into multiple segments.
- 2 photo references of completed kit (Clear and sharp photos)
- 1 piece instruction manual
- Water-slide decal of stencils
- 1 small sheet of silver sticker (metal decal?)
- 2 metal beam sabres with clear beams

More details of this kit below
The 2 photo references provided are clear and sharp, great photos indeed.
Front view
Back view
Parts removed from plastic bag, lay out for counting.
Total parts count: 62

And some close ups, casting is quite ok

Clean up needed here
Since I have a TT Hongli MG Infinite Justice already built, I will be using it for this conversion.

Thanks for looking!


  1. for what I've seen you liked resin, don't you ^^

    I had one for Strike Freedom but still have no mood to paint them.

    good luck with your Infinite Justice

  2. Haha yea, I agree with you that painting resin is quite different from plastic. You really have to make sure the surface is clean, otherwise masking will just pull everything off.

  3. did the tt hongli MG IJ frame work with the resin kit?

    1. Yes it worked with the resin kit, but quality of plastic and details cannot be compared with the original bandai kit