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Saturday, October 13, 2012

[WIP] MG Destiny Gundam Part 3

Did some airbrushing of colors over the past few days +  a short holiday trip.
Since the Extreme Burst Mode Destiny has a chrome silver inner frame and the normal version has a normal grey inner frame, I decided to go somewhat in between using Burnt Iron.  Also it will complement Strike Freedom's gold frame and Infinite Justice silver frame quite nicely.

Next comes the main body colors. I noticed the 'white' parts are not exactly white or grey, instead having a some greenish or yellowish tone. So had to mix some paints to get something similar, I settled for a beige color.

The blue parts, At first, I used mixture of cobalt blue + white, but I found it too dark, not really matching the other colors. So resprayed using another cobalt blue + white + fluorescent pink mixture to get the slight purplish tone. As for the lighter shade of blue for the front chest piece and sword, just add blue to white until I get the correct color. Gloss black for the black parts.

Then the red areas. Straight airbrushed without mixing. Tricky part was the masking of the wing vents to paint the internals grey.

More masking of parts to paint the grey internals. Front and back waist skirt parts, backpack and shoulder vents.

Almost done with painting soon, left to paint the green cannon and some minor details.

Bought decals by Bandai for MG Destiny. Spent some time decaling and gloss coat over whole kit to protect decals, panel lines done as well. Then pluck out everything again except the inner frame for a final flat coat to seal everything in. (Left: Before, Right: After)

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