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Friday, October 5, 2012

[WIP] MG Destiny Gundam Part 2

Some more work done on the kit in the past few days.
Arm section. Sliced away the small protrusion then slap on some pla plate designs.

Waist section, nothing much done, just add panel lines to the front skirt pieces and pla plates to the side skirts. Left the back skirt pieces as it is .

For the leg section, bulk up the knee armor a little using pla plates, added more pla plate shapes to the lower knee part.

Panel line scribing at lower leg region. Redid the ankle piece, same method as the arm area, sliced away the protrusion and rework using pla plates.
Backpack nothing added. Weapons seamlines cleared. Just some panel lining on the wings so it doesn't look too plain.

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