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Friday, October 5, 2012

[Review] 1/100 MsB Freedom Conversion

A short review of MG Freedom Gundam conversion kit from MS-Build (originally was VP, then changed name to MS-Build). As a sucker for Seed kits, I got the recasted version.

Package content:
- 2 packets of parts, each separated into different small compartments.
- 2 colored photos
- 1 instruction manual (color printed!!!)
- 1 water slide decal sheet

Photos are crystal clear, superb quality! Instruction manual clearly printed and with color, decals nicely printed as well, but I think I'll be using another set.

Removed nubs from most parts, washed and laid out.
Parts count: 67 parts.

Most parts replace the stock kit parts to improve details.
Starting from the top, whole head replaced including the v-fin. New head smaller. I shortened the v-fin by a little as well.

Torso region. Front chest part replaced with 3 resin pieces. Details improved. I like the more angular look to the cockpit cover rather than the stock rounded one.

Shoulder and arm region. Whole shoulder and most of arm parts replaced. Resin hands are smaller and of fixed pose.

Waist region mostly replaced as well.

Leg and feet region. Lower leg region was extended, knee and lower leg parts replaced. New resin feet longer, look more sleek.

Weapons, beam saber replaced by resin piece, given a clear effect part for the beam saber. Beam rifle cover also replaced.

As for the backpack, it still uses the stock backpack with the wings and back cannon.
What it should look like after assembling together.

Thanks for looking!


  1. hmm the content is slightly different from mine... I didn't get the decals and beam saber effect part. well I don't really care though. =P

  2. Looks Good. I just bought this kit myself. It is my first resin kit. I was wondering if you could tell me which parts need to be glued on once finished and how you get the piece into extend the leg?

  3. sir whats the difference of Super-G to MS-build?

  4. MS Build is the company that originally created this conversion kit, Super-G is a company that recasts it from the original cast