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Friday, January 9, 2009

1/72 F-16B Completed!

Hi! My first completed kit of 2009, tried out quite a few new techniques i learnt/read about! I gotta say i really like the superglue+baby powder technique i learnt at the 1/144 airshow gathering, but got to work more on it because i flood the seam with super glue then add powder to it, after painting then i noticed a bit of unevenness. Another annoying this about this kit is that the pitot tube provided is like so fragile, bend a bit can almost break it off, gotta learn to replace it with needle.

I also painted the intake white, masked it off and sprayed the grey intake lips, took a few tries until i find it acceptable, but if u look closely can see its not really a straight line. I also tried fading the dark grey paint on the top side, added some white to the paint and spray quite randomly, although the effect isn't really noticable

This kit is also a OOB build, preshaded, painted with Gunze H305/306/307, weapons to be added on later when i have the time. Canopy was not glued on when photos were taken, still got to touch up the seats a bit more.

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