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Saturday, August 9, 2008

1/144 F-14 Jolly Rogers

Continued with construction with this kit. Rescribed panel lines, existing ones too shallow and not complete. Cleaned up putty with nail polish remover and sandpaper. Sprayed with Nippon Pylox Sanyo White, looks abit greyish to me though... smoothen paint job with wet sanding.

Painted a strip of black at the front area, common for most F-14. Painted the exhaust burnt iron. Landing gears added and panel lined the whole model, results satisfactory. Smudged abit of ink to get abit of weathering effect, overdid the right wing, had to respray with base color and re panel line. Masked canopy, sprayed flat black, results were good. Decals added, not very good quality, most decals oversized, had to trim using trial and error.

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