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Friday, August 8, 2008

1/144 ARII F-14 Jolly Rogers

Today, started on my 1/144 ARII F-14 Jolly Rogers. My first F-14. The manufacturer, ARII doesn't seem to be popular. Well, as expected due to the quality of the kit. Box art is nice. All the sprues are packed into 1 bag, including the canopy (luckily no scratches). Instructions is simple and decals seems ok. Further inspection of the parts shows FLASHES!!!!!!!

Construction begins with the front area, the cockpit and the nose part, no ejection seats were supplied, guess i will have to paint the whole cockpit area black. Fitting of this 2 area seems fine. Then to the main body and fuselage. Fitting is again ok with flashes here and there. When joining the air intakes to the fuselage, major alignment problem. have to be fixed with putty. Joining the front area to the fuselage also results in alignment problem, have to shave off some plastic and fill the huge seam with putty. Left to dry overnight.

Well, what to expect from a $5 kit???

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