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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The search for Hiblow

For the past week, have been doing online research for shops that sells Hiblow air pump in Singapore. So far, these are the ones:

1) Clementi Flourist and Aquarium (C328) --- Hiblow HP20 ($168)
2) Bangkit Marketplace fish shop --- Hiblow HP20 ($188), Hiblow HP40 ($200)
3) Petmart --- Hiblow HP20 ($150), Hiblow HP40 (200)
4) 2nd hand Hiblow from forums --- HP20 ($80-$120), HP40 ($100+)

Considering to get it from C328, if cannot then from Bangkit, dun think will be getting 2nd hand ones because user claims to be in good condition although used for ~1yr and need to self-collect at hougang... rather pay abit more for a brand new one.

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