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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MG Destiny

Now this is a MUST-GET kit. The boxart is simply spectacular!!! Bandai released 2 versions of this kit, similar to the 2 versions of MG Strike Freedom. The other one is the MG Destiny Extreme Blast Mode. Not much difference from this normal one, except the wings of light, palma fiocina effect, silver inner frame. For me, this normal one is good enough, I could just spray the inner frame silver or gun metal to get the same effect. Besides, i think this boxart is much nicer XDImproved articulation compared to the NG 1/100 version at torso/waist area, thigh areas as well. Can be posed similar to the boxart.

Full set of weapons included, beams for the beam boomerangs are also in the kit. They even provide different lengths of it. Different hands included for different action poses. The shield can be slided in or out too.

Huge changes to the wing compared to the NG 1/100. Each individual wing can be moved individually. Noticeable increase in length of the wings, makes the whole kit look more menacing.

Stand included, similar to MG Freedom, dry transfer decals also provided, miniature figure of Shinn and Rey also included. No idea why Rey is inside.... I'm definitely getting this one.

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