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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MG Force Impulse

Bandai finally released and Impulse in MG. Weird thing that its only Force Impulse, probably they might use the other 2 Impulse as another MG, like Launcher/Sword Strike.
Lots of interesting stuff in this kit, like a golden card inside, something like first edition i think. Also includes the Excalibur from sword impulse.

You can pose it such that its similar to the anime scene where Force Impulse destroyed Freedom.

It can be separated into the core splender/chest flyer/leg flyer/force silhouette. Nothing much actually as the NG 1/100 version also can do this, except that this MG is more detailed, like the chest thingie folding up to cover the head.

Another difference from the NG 1/100 version is that the 'wings' of the flight pack can be folder! The main body can be fitted with different packs like I.W.S.P, Aile/Sword/Launcher pack, Strike Noir pack, and both Akatsuki's pack. The flyer comes with wheels too XD. In all, definitely a great kit to have, but I dun think i will be getting one.

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