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Saturday, November 14, 2015

[WIP] HG Perfect Strike Gundam Part 3

Detailing continues at the aile pack, launcher and sword attachments.
Rough snapfit to see how everything goes together.

Starting with the aile pack. Rescribing of the seamline into a panel line which allows easy separation of parts for painting. Also did some pla-plating on the surface. 
Scribing of new panel lines according to the RG design.

Same treatment given to the launcher parts.

The sword attachment on the shoulder is quite tricky as it is made from just 2 pieces and the seamline run right in the middle, meaning that once you cement it, it can't be removed in future.
At first, I sawed off the "triangular" part and though of attaching it back using either a pin or a magnet. But then I figured out that this part can be made easily from some pla plates.

Lastly, the energy pack at the back. Stuck some pla plates together. Quite happy with the outcome.
And, primed to check overall appearance and for errors.

Thanks for looking!!!

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