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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[WIP] 1/100 VP Akatsuki Part 1

Exams almost over, but already starting on my next project!
Kit: Vicious Project Akatsuki resin conversion
Recasted by: Super-G
Base frame: MG Strike Gundam (I'm using the launcher strike version, no difference)

Big box with lots of parts, a teeny weeny decal sheet, colored instruction manual (poorly printed).
Total: 93 parts, include parts for both the Owashi and Shiranui packs

First thing to do is to wash the molding grease off the parts. I soak them in chlorhexidine (its main purpose is to kill bacteria not to clean resin, but it does work fine) solution overnight, use a toothbrush to scrub every angle and surface.

Start of with the torso area, requires some cutting of the inner frame to fit in the resin pieces. Waist area still uses the Strike's frame but waist armour pieces replaced except for the rear armour.
Shoulder pieces simply replaced with the resin parts. Whole of lower arm replaced as well, lousy fitting in this area, seems like the resin parts shrunk leaving quite a huge gap in the middle.

Head replaced with resin Akatsuki head (5 individual pieces), alot slimmer than Strike's head.

For the leg region, thigh, lower leg armour, ankle joint and front feet replaced with resin parts.

I will be doing only the Shiranui pack, so only tackle those parts. Massive full resin backpack and heavy with 7 dragoon pieces, not sure whether the Strike's frame is able to take the weight.

Did some dryfitting while removing the nubs. Looking good already!

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