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Sunday, August 5, 2012

[Review] FSS L.E.D MIRAGE B4

Open box review of L.E.D MIRAGE B4 (Kneeling). FSS kits are very unique in terms of their design (slim waist + high heels). This was my first FSS resin kit which I bought a few years back, was attracted by the huge sword, pose and the hot pink color scheme!
Of course, it's a recasted version. Unlike the other resin kits I did which were conversion kits, this is a full resin kit meaning pinning is required and end pose is fixed.

Box cover, just a simple white cardboard box with a picture stuck on top of it. Nothing fancy.
Contents are covered with bubble wrap for protection.
Things included inside are:
- 1 reference photo of completed kit.
- 1 instruction manual A4 size printed on both sides and folded.
- 4 packs of the resin parts

Contents removed from bags and counted (my fav part).
Total of 65 parts, nothing missing.

Even though the box might seem plain, casting seems to be quite good!
Tons and tons of detail on the inner skeleton parts captured nicely, except for the warped sword handle which can be easily fixed.

Here's what the end product will look like (hopefully).....

Thanks for looking!

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