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Sunday, February 17, 2013

[WIP] MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom Part 1

Took part in an online group-build in December 2012, been working on and off on this kit.
Deadline of the group-build is the start of March, so I suppose I don't have much time left.

A sneak preview after painting... Should be able to finish in time if everything else goes well.

Started off with snap-fitting the kit, and playing around with the poses (I'm bad with poses).
Clearing of seamlines on the head, shoulders, ankles. Huge seamlines on the rifles and wings, horrible filling and sanding experience.

Primed and pose. Seamlines on the rifle all cleared nicely.
Actually this kit was left in the primed state sitting on my desk for a good few weeks, until I noticed spider webs on it.... LOL

Dust off the webs, check for spiders, and off to the painting stage.

Decided to do some shading on the wings, base coat of dark grey and paint white. Guess I overdid the white and somehow covered the grey base coat. Shading not very obvious, but can tell that it's there I think.
As for the other parts, I did not do any shading on them. Just pure saturated color.

Couldn't resist fixing them up after letting the paint dry for a few hours.
Lousy lighting as photos taken at night.

Retook photo again with daylight. 
Lack of attention to the Strike Freedom in the background...

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