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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

VP Akatsuki

I'm calling this kit done! I wanted a super clean look so didn't do any panel lining and only added 2 decals to the shoulder and front skirt.
Dragoons were all super-glued so they can't be removed. Gave overall a mist of gloss coat to kinda blend things together.
Not the best finishing I would say, the gold paint really brought out even the tiniest bit of surface imperfection that wasn't seen after priming. Can notice quite a number of them if u look at the model like from 5cm away

Anyways paints used:
Gold: Gaia Starbright Gold over Gaia Black Surfacer Evo
Bronze: Gaia Starbright Gold + Gunze Orange
Candy Red: Gunze Clear Red over Gaia Starbright Gold
Grey: Gaia German Grey + some White

Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques welcomed!

1 comment:

  1. Woho cool! Seldom see Akatsuki.

    The neck looks a bit too long, it looks very 'empty' behind, and makes the head look floating around.

    But overall it looks very elegant :)