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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VP Infinite Justice Gundam

Finally completed this kit.. Minimal decals used.
I used reflective stickers for the sensors on the head. Quite a nice effect imo.

Here's the paints/mixtures that I am using:
Body red: Fluorescent Pink + GX Hermann Red
Flight-pack red: GX Hermann Red + Cobalt Blue + Fluorescent Pink
Green: Clear Green on top of Star Bright Duralumin
White: White + a little Cobalt Blue
Black: 100% Black
Yellow: Orange Yellow
Inner Frame/Joints: Star Bright Duralumin

Click below for more pictures

These photos did not capture the main body red quite well, the red is more like the photos on top.

No many poses as I'm afraid the paint might get scratched off.
Then again, I find IJ most stunning when it's just standing straight.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with this build, shows that resin kits are indeed worth the time and effort to build.

Thanks for looking!

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