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Saturday, March 5, 2011

[Review] 1/35 Freedom Head

Just received my package which came all the way from Hong Kong, glad to see it in good condition.

The 1/35 Freedom Head from SMS resin.

Nice bubble wrapping to protect the package, but when i remove the bubble wrap, there's a sizable puncture mark on top of the box, well I'm fine with it as long as the contents are not damaged :)

I ordered this kit from SMS eBay store, free shipping was a huge temptation...

Box opened, another few protective layers of bubble wrapping.

Contents included:
- 2 reference photo of the finished kit
- Instruction manual (literally a folded A4 paper)
- Water slide decals
- Clear display base
- Resin pieces (includes vac-formed transparent parts)
- Wiring and some leds

Casting of the parts look clean and crisp, no visible flashes, but there were some tiny holes. Not much of a problem.

Overall, it's a nice kit. Great casting as expected from SMS resin.
Will not be starting on this anytime soon, gotta finish up the 00 Gundam first.

Thanks for looking :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi there.
    Could you please do me a favor?
    I lost the manual book of SMS 1/35 freedom head.
    I cant build this kit without it.
    It would be great if you can email me the picture of the manual book.
    my email is

    thx a lot!!