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Friday, August 7, 2009

WIP: Academy 1/72 F-15E

Hi! Been quite burnt out with Gunpla after completing the Exia Repair, so started back on aircraft with Academy's 72 scale F-15E Strike Eagle. Fitting quite bad, did not expect much from a cheap kit anyway. Same problematic areas as the F-15D I did some time ago, putty and sanding solved most of it. Panel lines were also quite shallow, rescribed the whole plane. Canopy dipped in Future, kit primed and preshaded.

Ok, finally completed the paint job on this Eagle. FS36118 overall, exhaust area sprayed chrome silver. 2 coats of Future applied to prepare for decals and panel lining.

Decalling done! Gotta hate those '1 million' tiny stencils to apply all over the plane... Added another coat of Future to protect the decals, panel washing next. Hopefully will blend the decals in, otherwise might have to airbrush a thin layer of the base color.

ALmost done! Weapons painted, yellow strips on the bombs had to be masked. Did a light post shading using Tamiya smoke, tried out some streaking effect on the wings and at the silver exhaust area, came out quite nicely. Landing gears/fuel tank/weapon pylons/payload loaded on. Last thing is to do is flat coat the whole thing and attach the canopy.

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