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Sunday, July 5, 2009

WIP - Exia Repair (00 Season 2)

Hi, my most recent project: Gundam Exia Repair. Modded from a 1/144 HG Gundam Exia.

The most prominent change to the Exia would be the head, almost the whole right side had been destroyed exposing the internal wiring and camera (looks like Terminator haha). Anyway, if u cut away the white parts of the 1/144 Exia, the inside is quite hollow, meaning that I will have to scratchbuild the inside. Well this will be my first time doing modding so it might not be quite similar to the anime....

Anime head

My attempt.... I kinda like it :)

In the last few episode (forgotten which) of 00 Season 1, Exia's left arm got sliced off by Graham's Flag, so it got itself a cloth to cover it up... I made the cloth using epoxy putty

Added some battle damage at random areas, parts primed and painted + shading.

I'm going for the anime look, so not using decals.
GN drives painted, silver at the back, clear green in front. Dipped in Future for the extra shine!

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