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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1/72 F-14 (VF-103 Jolly Rogers)

Hey dudes! Have not been updating this blog for quite some time eh.... Been busy with stuff and also with this aircraft model kit! Same as the previous F-14, built from the 1/72 Academy boxing with aftermarket decals. Until now, I have finished the major paint jobs, I gave it a go at fading panels (I must say it looks even better). Now waiting for my decals to arrive!

Update!!! - Added the exhaust cans, brushed on a Future coat, decal on weapons! Panel line wash applied on topside (enamel black thinned with lighter fluid), came out just right, thanks to the rescribed panel lines.

Update!!! - Finished decalling, decals from Twobobs: VF-103 Final Cruise. Still left Future coat, a little more weathering experiment, and flat coat! Almost done!!!

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