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Sunday, April 24, 2011

[WIP] F-14A Sundowners Part 2

Managed to eliminate the seam/gap after some sanding.

Off to the paint shop!! Primed to check for errors and preshaded panel lines black.
Sprayed base color H315

Usually I would stop here, but for this kit, I will be doing more weathering on it (I like weathered planes).

[WIP] F-14A Sundowners Part 1

Actually started on this kit while working on the HG 00 Gundam, was planning to enter it for a local competition, did not have enough time to complete it (well, I spent most of it on the 00 Gundam haha)

Academy F-14A kit in 72 scale, one of the cheapest 1/72 tomcat I can find locally. I built this kit before with the decals provided (VF-51 Screaming Eagles), completed model can be viewed here.

This time, I will be using the decal sheet from the old Hasegawa's F-14A kit. (no idea how to deal with raised panel lines)

Boxart of the Academy kit and decal sheet

Sunday, April 3, 2011

HG 00 Gundam

Finally done with this kit. Decals finally arrived but no pictures of the decaling process. Panel line wash done, seal with future then flat coated everything. My first attempt at modding, increased height of thigh and waist, and added some detail with pla-plates and panel lines.

Paint colors:
Blue - Gaia Cobalt Blue + White (a few drops)
White - White + Blue (a few drops)
Red - Super Italian Red
Grey - Black + White (?)